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Online English & History

Online 1:1 English & History Class

  • 2 小時
  • Online


Online English & History Classes are held via a private zoom link. This ensures quality of connection and clarity of speech and video. All material worksheets have editable fields and can be filled out and uploaded as if it was completed by hand. Shared use of Google Docs, Explain Everything and the screen share function allows the same interaction as face to face classes. ​These classes give students access to both subjects, materials and skill building. Due to the limited amount of time in each class, it is not possible to cover every subject in its entirety. As such, it is important for students to prepare a list of what they need to work on in class in advance so that we can make the most out of our class time. ​ - FOCUS - Pronunciation and Fluency Vocabulary Building Grammar Development & Correction Academic Writing Assistance Essay Writing Plans, Guides & Structure Reading for Comprehension Literary Text Examples Varied Reading Passages Vocabulary Strategies Using Vocabulary in Writing Word Definitions, Synonyms & Antonyms Connotations & Denotations Analogies, Adages, Idioms & Proverbs Secondary Source Gathering Causality and Linked Events Multiple Textbook Variations for Review Creating and Explaining Timelines Textbook Breakdown & Annotations Mini-Tests & Review Quizzes ​- ACADEMIC SKILLS - Analyzing Information Recalling Drawing Conclusions Predicting Finding Main Ideas Evaluating Making Inferences Contrasting Critical Thinking Summarizing ​- FLEXIBLE CLASS TIMES - Due to the flexible nature of online classes, fixed timeslots and travel arrangements are not necessary. Class times can be shifted throughout the week wherever an opening is available. This is perfect for those students who may have obligations that change each semester such as after school activities, recitals and family events. Another example of how this can benefit students is that classes can be delayed until later in the week, or moved earlier to receive additional support for a project, or to have an additional study session prior to an exam. - DISCOUNTED PRICE - Wallace English is happy to be able to provide affordable and effective online classes to meet the needs of the students and parents alike. The reason that such a discount is possible is due to the reduced travel times and material supplies. Online class is effective and affordable.


(+886) 908 689 865

No. 59 Lane 16th, Danjin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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